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Case one, you already running a WordPress site but you are not happy with your hosting services or platform. You are left with no option other than moving onto a better hosting platform. Case two, you are having a website that is built on a different platform but now you wish to leverage the benefits offered by WordPress. You have created a brand new WordPress website and now looking for some solution for data migration.

Whatever the case may be, but in both situations, you will be required to use migration services to restore your entire website along with the database to the new environment. Migration involves a step by step process which imports your entire website keeping all your essentials details intact.

We specialize in both similar and as well as cross-platform migration for WordPress.

  • WordPress Migration Service – Similar Platform

    WordPress migration on a similar platform involves the transfer of your existing WordPress site to a new hosting environment. Our expert team will check your hosting environment, install a new WordPress package and then will initiate the migration process from the existing WordPress site. Once the process gets completed we will turn off the maintenance mode of the new site so that your website can go live.

  • WordPress Migration – Cross Platform

    If you have made your website using another service such as blogger offered by Google and now you wish to experience your hands on WordPress but on the contrary, you want to move your previous site into the new environment. Just stay calm; there is no need to worry. Our developers will install a fresh WordPress package into your hosting environment and will initiate the migration process. Since it is a cross-platform migration, we will be required to set up the new theme and plugins for your WordPress website.

  • Keep Working Migration

    After receiving the approval for your migration request, you may continue working with your old website while starting the migration process for the new hosting platform. Once your site is completely migrated, you can shift your work with the website migrated to the new hosting platform.

  • Least or No Downtime

    We try that our valued clients and their customers should not face any downtime or if it occurs it must not prolonged for hours. We also offer our clients a preview of the migrated website. After getting your approval we turn the site live.

Duration of Migration: After the approval when we start the migration process, depending upon the size and functionality of your website, the process of migration usually gets completed within 48 to 96 hours.

Minimum Migration Requirement: We need your WordPress administrator user login details, user id and password of FTP user of your new hosting platform and backup of your previous website. If you are not able to take the backup of the previous site or you have not taken the backup yet, we will be happy to offer our support on this issue. Our experts will handle all the issues right from taking the backup to migrating your website on the new hosting platform.


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